Can Elephant Lady Gaga Be Sold For $1 Million in One Year?

One Year Auction is an experimental website where artist Rasa Levinskaite is auctioning her Elephant series paintings and other artwork for a period of one year.

Based on the fact that Rasa is relatively unknown artist this experiment might seem like a tall order. But take a look at the list of The Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold where average sales price is $100 million and "Elephant Lady Gaga" might look like a great deal.

"Elephant Lady Gaga" is the first painting from Elephant paintings series. This painting was created by Rasa Levinskaite at the end of 2009. Inspiration came from Rasa’a passion for elephants and Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance”. In song’s video there is a moment where Lady Gaga’s eyes are round and very big. If you look at the painting you will see the same big, round, crazy eyes.

Earlier in 2011 the idea was born to auction "Elephant Lady Gaga" painting. None of the existing auctions were suitable for what Rasa was trying to accomplish. One Year Auction website was created to list and auction Rasa's paintings for a period of one year.

You can also find other Rasa's paintings on One Year Auction website.

Lady Gaga's EyesLady Gaga's Eyes
Elephant - Lady GagaElephant - Lady Gaga

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